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5 Key Facts About US Manufacturing

US Creates 800,000 Manufacturing Jobs, Wages up 25%

The recovery of America’s economy following the COVID-19 Pandemic has been underscored by a massive boom in the manufacturing industry. Several key pieces of legislation have contributed to this industry resurgence including the Inflation Reduction Act, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and the CHIPS and Science Act. These three key pieces of legislation prioritized manufacturing growth as the center of America’s economic recovery. Here are a few of the most significant outcomes:

1. Manufacturing Has Created 800,000 New Jobs: Under the Biden Administration, American factories and manufacturing sectors have witnessed a substantial increase, adding 800,000 new jobs. This significant uptick marks the largest gain in manufacturing employment since the 1970s, signaling a robust revival of the industry.

2. Wages Are Up 25%: Manufacturing workers have seen their wages soar by over 25% from levels observed before the pandemic. This remarkable growth not only underscores the economic recovery but also enhances the living standards of countless American families involved in manufacturing.

3. More Workers Have Healthcare Benefits: The surge in manufacturing jobs has brought along considerable benefits, with nearly 9-in-10 positions qualifying for healthcare benefits. This widespread access to healthcare is a testament to the improved job quality and worker welfare in the manufacturing sector.

4. The Economy Is Booming: The manufacturing industry has been a cornerstone of the American economy, contributing nearly $12 trillion last year alone. This enormous economic input showcases the sector's vital role in sustaining the country's economic growth and stability.

5. The U.S. is A Major Global Exporter: American manufacturing prowess is not just felt domestically but also on the global stage, with $1.6 trillion in goods exported last year. This figure highlights the industry's competitiveness and its critical role in international trade and economic diplomacy.

These highlights reflect a rejuvenated manufacturing sector under the Biden administration, marking significant strides in job creation, wage growth, worker benefits, economic contribution, and global trade prowess. For more detailed insights and statistics on manufacturing, visit the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) website here.


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